Derik Mott-Bragg

Derik Mott-Bragg

Derik Mott Bragg Mottify Business Consultant Petoskey Michigan

Derik Mott-Bragg, Business Consultant

Derik Mott-Bragg, Business Consultant and Owner of Mottify Consulting Group, LLC, is a sixteen year veteran in the Sales and Marketing industry. Derik spent five years leading a successful sales team for a Fortune 15 Company and the last three years inspiring local business owners to challenge the status quo. Derik believes all things are possible through vision and action.

Derik Mott-Bragg:

  • Discovered his Life’s Mission –  Empowering others to experience the greatness within and around themselves so that they live fulfilled and joyful lives.
  • Helps individuals and businesses formulate their purpose.
  • Believes in an anthropological approach to leadership over psychological.

As a business consultant, Derik is a forward thinker and believes success in business is measured by fulfilling your purpose, financial freedom, and peace of mind.

Derik is both a strategic partner and stakeholder in Revive Cleaning Services, Purity Pet Services, and Maverick Style.  He enjoys partnering with other entrepreneurs, offering his services and capital to help build a business and brand they can be proud of.

Investing in the Community

As the founder of Mottify Consulting Group, Derik believes we have a social responsibility to make a positive impact in our community and dedicates his time to the following:

Derik also volunteers with local community events including Festival on the Bay, Stars and Stripes 4th of July, Crooked Tree Arts Center New Year’s Eve Celebration, Breakfast for Champions, and PRCC Business Expo.

Quotes from Derik Mott-Bragg

“In a world with advancing technology what separates humans from the machine is the ability to innovate. Question the status quo and be creative. Live in the present, get rid of the box, and follow your intuition.”

“Stand out or step aside.”

“Brands are labels, stories, and characteristics, that differentiate yourself from others. A brand initiates an emotional reaction that triggers associative-memory. Brands are created and defined by You while explained and described by others.”

“Your ability to adapt and evolve determines the rate of growth or decline you will have in your relationships and business. Start now and repeat often.”

“Leadership is assumed, not appointed.”